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What is the Natchez Trace Collection?
The Natchez Trace Collection (NTC) is a collection of books, family letters, financial documents, photographs, newspapers (and more!) documenting life in the Mississippi Valley during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. The print collection, which this exhibit focuses on, contains over 800 items of printed materials such as pamphlets, serials, newspapers and catalogs.

How can I find and use these printed materials?
Unlike other archival materials that can be found with a finding aid, printed items from the NTC are cataloged and located using the University of Texas Library Catalog. However, the UTCAT does not provide a way to search for items based collection meaning that, unless the exact title is known, the item is nearly impossible to find. To provide better access to these materials, this site features a customized search limited to printed materials within the NTC. Additionally, just because the printed materials are part of the NTC doesn't mean they necessarily originated in that area; while the collection contains many locally produced publications, many others originated in cities across the United States and even the world!

Use the map below to explore the collection!

Geographic Distribution of the Natchez Trace Serials

The follow map displays the geographic distribution of the publications found within the Natchez Trace Collection. The density of publications produced in a given area is indicated by the size and color of the circle overlay. Zoom in to increase the granularity of data for a specific area. Click on a circle to view publication titles associated with that area.

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